The Process

Our process is simple. It’s adjusted based on your goals, on your needs, and on your watch.


What should you expect to be different at Luken?

You’re a member of a limited community of investors. Each wealth team serves a limited community of clients. The team’s attention is focused on you and your success on your terms.

Our investment methodology. We use a market-tested, data-driven, repeatable process (called Smart Diversification®Click here to learn more). Instead of recommending one thing to you and us doing something different, we invest alongside you, investing in the same investments.

A 360º view of your financial life encompasses the 5-Core Wealth Management Pillars. Your wealth team leaves no stone unturned, working through a comprehensive checklist to address the matters that are important to you across the spectrum of financial categories including: investments, tax, estate, debt and cash flow, as well as risk aspects.