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Get in Touch

Schedule a discovery call so we can learn about you and answer any questions you may have about our services.

We believe in a thorough and thoughtful approach to client relationships. To ensure the best possible service, we have established a clear process for engaging with new clients:

  • Discovery Call: Our first step in working with you is a brief discovery call. This 15-minute conversation allows us to understand your concerns and a high-level overview. You can easily schedule this screening call through our online calendar.

  • Document Review: After the discovery call, we will request essential documents from you. These documents help us comprehensively understand your situation and future goals. If appropriate, we schedule a Wealth Roadmap Meeting.

  • Wealth Roadmap Meeting: This meeting is a crucial step in outlining a potential plan and discussing how we can move forward together. This is a 60-minute session that helps us both understand the scope and depth of our future work.

  • Implementation Meeting: At the Wealth Roadmap meeting, we will schedule an Implementation meeting. During this phase, we implement the detailed Financial Plan prepared for you.

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