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You’ve worked hard for what you’ve earned. Maybe you’re looking for a proactive relationship with an advisor – a fiduciary. And someone who treats you the way you want to be treated.

We serve a limited community of first-generation wealth. People like you. You built it. You know the challenge.

What should you expect to be different at Luken?

  1. You’re a member of a limited community of investors. Each wealth team serves a limited community of clients. The team’s attention is focused on you and your success on your terms.

  2. Our investment methodology. We use a market-tested, data-driven, repeatable process (called Smart Diversification®. Click here to learn more). Instead of recommending one thing to you and us doing something different, we invest alongside you, investing in the same investments.

  3. A 360º view of your financial life, encompassing the 5-Core Wealth Management Pillars. Your wealth team leaves no stone unturned, working through a comprehensive checklist to address the matters that are important to you across the spectrum of financial categories including: investments, tax, estate, debt and cash flow, as well as risk aspects.

Are your financial goals aligned with your values?

"Can you imagine the impact it could have if every person you knew made every decision in alignment and with integrity with who they really are and who they were created to be?" — Gregory Luken, Founder

man and girl sitting on brown dock near boat and two white ducks during daytime by Caleb Jones

We build and protect wealth on purpose so you can live the life you want.


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